How to Ensure EMIRATISATION Compliance PART II

In the first article we spoke about deployment of HR technology in order to accurately track data and numbers driving Emiratisation. This time around we will talk about how should you go about in selecting the right solution and what should you be looking for.

Here is a list of things that you need to consider. My first piece of advice is when choosing HR technology solution make sure you not only ask the right questions; also take the time to see the feature in action, live, so you really know how everything works. This is important stuff; don’t just take the salesperson’s word for it.

Collect nationality and citizenship information in every job from on your careers page. Just about any applicant tracking system will include a feature that requests this type of information from applicants during the online application process. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

Automatically capture “reasons for non-selection” for every applicant. Here’s where the rubber really meets the road. When evaluating recruiting software, you MUST determine how it will capture reasons for non-selection. This information is critical and most legacy applicant tracking systems have no way of capturing this data. Those that do, often require you and your team to take time consuming extra steps and force you to enter loads of data manually. Choose a system that enables everyone in your company to easily, accurately and automatically capture pre-selected reasons for non-selection without creating extra steps in your recruiting process.

Ask minimum qualification question for every job. Asking minimum qualifications is best accomplished during the online application process. When applicants do not meet a job’s minimum qualifications it does make sense to track them as an applicant. Choose recruiting software that allows you to automate this process, and you’ll save time by ensuring that you are processing only the applicants that are qualified for your jobs. A smart recruiting system will store each applicant’s minimum qualification answers with their record and will allow you to remove candidates of this type from your applicant flow logs automatically.

Create applicant flow logs automatically for any job. If an applicant tracking system is already tracking all the relevant information that comprises a flow log (data received, name, position, job group, nationality and sex, reason for non-selection, date of hire), generating a report should be simple. Ideally choose recruiting technology that’ll allow you to export applicant flow logs.

Create Hire/Offer Logs instantly. The purpose of this report is to record each hire or job offer made by your company during the reporting period being analyzed.  Again, you’ll want to select software that automatically tracks all the required information (data received, name, position, job group, nationality and sex, reason for non-selection, date of hire). Creating a report should take one or two clicks, and should allow you to export the report to Excel.

Audit your Emiratisation statistics anytime from an online dashboard. Now, it’s up to you to monitor and regularly audit your Emiratisation data in order to take any corrective action if necessary or simply stay on track with your targets.

This article, was originally published by Emiratisation NOW.